How To Make Rose Petal Decorative Balls

Rose Petal Decorative Balls

Rose Petal Decorative Balls

As promised this is the first in our series of tutorials. If you use items that you already have and purchase a few more craft supplies you can make yourself a bowl of decorative balls to put on your coffee table of shelf. Or you can make this a family project or a project for your kids to keep them occupied.

A Rose Petal Decorative Ball

- a disposable plastic knife
- some glue
- rose petals
- Styrofoam ball(s)

This is a pretty simple concept that anyone can do. Take the plastic knife and spread a thin layer of glue on the Styrofoam ball which should be about the size or a rose petal. Put the rose petal with the right side on the glue. Put thin layers of glue all around the ball and position petals so that they overlap one another.

Once you have come around the whole ball with petals, start with the next layer. Start again a bit lower so that the Styrofoam ball will become invisible. Build such bands of petals for as long as it takes to cover the whole ball.

Once you are done with the bands, you should be left with only an opening on the top and bottom sides of the decorative ball. Put a petal over each end and you are done. Make as many rose petal decorative balls as you wish.

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